Two Common Signs of Cat Arthritis

Is your cat is suffering from feline arthritis? The following are two signs of arthritis in cats.

There are many other signs that may signify arthritis, the following are just two common ones. It’s also important to know that older and less active cats are more likely to develop feline arthritis.

One of the most  common symptom of a cat with arthritis is slower body movements. Another common symptom is when your cat has trouble jumping or is reluctant to jump. These two behaviors in cats might suggest arthritis in cats.

Cat Arthritis is a common health problem amongst felines. It is a degenerative disease of the joints, in which the cat may experience pain.  Since cats are good at hiding their pain, it can difficult to identify the problem. Without treatment, the can will continue to suffer.

Inflammation and feline arthritis can go hand and hand. Thus, feline arthritis is much more complex and has many more health problems that the actual disease itself. Therefore is import to detect this disease at its early stages and as soon as possible, so your cat can get the treatment it needs.

If you suspect your cat is experiencing any of these, then contact your vet as soon as possible