The S.O.C.S Task Force

What we do

We maintain good working relationships with local communities, landowners, conservation groups, outdoor leisure groups and government agencies concerned with the protection of our river and its tributaries.

We keep a constant check on the condition of the river and its environment. Water samples are taken regularly and the condition of the fish, in particular the sea trout, is also monitored.

We support and encourage research in environmental science.

We raise the public’s awareness of the need for conservation and vigilance in protecting the river system. It is important to us that there is total community ownership of these issues.

We take every opportunity to protect the habitat for the wildlife of the Ouse and its tributaries.

Volunteers form working parties that regularly carry out maintenance and conservation work in co-operation with the local landowners. Read about our latest planting project on the Bevern Stream.

We raise funds to support our activities to protect the river.